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Worklytics supports connecting Bitbucket data via webhooks and REST APIs.  We recommend that you connect the You must install a Worklytics Atlassian Connect App for Bitbucket. 

Install Worklytics Atlassian Connect App for Bitbucket

1. Visit the Bitbucket App Marketplace

  • once logged into bitbucket, you should be able to reach it via the lower left, via a link labeled "App Marketplace"2019-07-29_10-56-51.png

2. Find the "Worklytics for Bitbucket App", click "Add"

3. Find the “Worklytics for Bitbucket” Add-on and click “Add”


4. Grant access

We need basic READ access to the data in your account, plus the ability to create/modify webhooks. 


As usual, we don’t store any content, such as your source code, in our servers.  We store only meta-data about the work (title, timestamps, who worked on it, etc).

After a few seconds, you should be returned to the “Manage add-ons” screen, and see “Worklytics” listed.


5. Click “Manage”

Find the “Manage” button beneath “Worklytics” and click it. You’ll be taken to the configuration page.

This loads a page that will link your Bitbucket instance to your Worklytics account.  If you are not logged into Worklytics, you will be prompted to do so.

Once you see a screen as follows, the connection has been successfully made:

Alternatively, on your next page load you should find Worklytics in the left-hand side-bar of the “Settings” page.  Clicking “Connect to Worklytics” will also establish a connection from your Bitbucket account to Worklytics (if you’re logged into Worklytics

You can see this working from the Worklytics side if you visit Worklytics - Integrations, you should see that the integration is connected.  After there is some activity in your Bitbucket account, you should notice the timestamp for the most recently received webhook be updated.


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