Jira & Confluence Integration (Atlassian Connect)

How to install Worklytics Add-on for JIRA or Confluence

1. Go to “Add-ons”

Log in to your JIRA instance as an Admin and use the Settings cog menu (upper right) to go to the Add-Ons screen.

2. Click “Manage add-ons”

3. Click “Enable Private Listings”

Our Atlassian Connect Add-On is currently in beta as a “private listing”.


4. Click “Upload Add-On”

5. Paste in the URL of our Atlassian Marketplace listing


Paste the following URL into the box:



then click “Upload”.



6. Click the “Getting Started” button to complete installation

To link your JIRA instance with your Worklytics account, while logged into Worklytics you must click the “Getting Started” button on the Worklytics Add-On in JIRA. This will securely associate your JIRA instance with your organization in Worklytics.


You can find this under “JIRA Administration”  (Gear  icon in upper-right) → “ Add Ons” → “Manage add-ons” at any time.



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