JIRA Webhook Integration

There are two ways you can connect JIRA:

  1. installing the our Atlassian Connect Add-on from the Atlassian Marketplace. This will automatically set-up the webhooks and authorization that we need to sync your data.
  2. Manually configuring an webhook in JIRA, as described below.


We recommend option (1). If you do that, you don’t need to worry about any of the extra configuration below.  We’ll set it all up for you.

General Configuration


This is REQUIRED only if you do not want to use the Atlassian Connect Add-on described above, and instead connect the webhook Webhook section and set that up.

Transparency Level

This is a general setting applicable to all Worklytics integrations.  It controls whether text meta-data, such as title / description, of items of work that we ingest from an integration are visible to people who have not directly collaborated on those items.


If you have an on-premise integration or otherwise want to send us data in real-time, you should set-up a webhook.

Once you’ve done the initial “Connect” flow for JIRA from the Worklytics app, click the “Configure” link on your JIRA integration.  You should see a screen that looks something like the following:



Copy the URL under webhook.

Log into your JIRA installation as a user with Global administration privileges.  Then:

  • Go to Settings → System  [this is the gear/cog like icon in upper-right]
  • Then Advanced → Webhooks
  • Then click the “Create Webhook” button.  

You should reach a screen like this:


  • Give the webhook some name you like (such as “Worklytics Webhook”).
  • Paste our webhook URL that you copied previously into the “URL” field.
  • Under “Events”, we recommend you check all the boxes to send us everything.  If we don’t parse it yet, we soon will.  So the more data, the better. However, any kind of JQL filter you want to put here shouldn’t pose a problem aside from having less data in Worklytics.
  • Scroll all the way down and click “Create”.


That’s it. Now your JIRA installation should start sending Worklytics data as your organization does work.  NOTE: we process incoming data asynchronously, so it might take a few hours or days at this point before the data appears on the Worklytics side.


More info:

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